Security Glass

Burglarproof Glass

This type of glass is toughened to prevent manual attacks with sharp instruments; its thickness varies between 11 mm and 25 mm of various weights. All burglarproof glass sheets are according to the International Standards and Specifications

Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof glass thickness varies from 20 mm to 80 mm making it resistant to different types of guns. The  standard size for vehicles                          can reach 1 M x 1.45 M For buildings , a maximum size of 2 M x 1.45 M even thicknesses, dimensions and weight specifications can be adjusted according to client needs.

All our security glass products are tested & approved by the Egyptian Armed Forces Technical Research Center.
A two-year guarantee against layers separation is given for all security glass products.
All bulletproof glass sheets are according to the International Standards:

German standard (DIN 52290-Part 2, DIN 52290-Part 4, DIN 52290-Part 5)
British standard (BS 5051-Part 2)
American standard (UL 752)
European standard (EN 1063)

Anti-explosive Glass

Anti-explosive Glass is also available according to the customer specification.

For more details on security glass products, please contact us for our technical catalogue.