Security Glass

Burglarproof Glass: This type of glass is toughened to prevent manual attacks with sharp instruments; its thickness varies between 11 and 25 mm varying its weight. All burglarproof glass sheets are according to the International Standards and Specifications

Bulletproof Glass: Bulletproof glass thickness varies from 20 to 80 mm making it resistant to different types of guns. Its standard size for vehicles can reach 100 x 145 cm. For buildings a maximum of 200 cm x 145 cm, yet thicknesses, dimensions and weight specifications can be adjusted according to client needs.

All our security glass products are tested & approved by the Egyptian Armed Forces Technical Research Center.
A two-year guarantee against layers separation is given for all security glass products.
All bulletproof glass sheets are according to the International Standards:

German standard (DIN 52290-Part 2, DIN 52290-Part 4, DIN 52290-Part 5)
British standard (BS 5051-Part 2)
American standard (UL 752)
European standard (EN 1063)

Anti-explosive Glass is also available in our factories.

For more details on security glass products, please contact us for our technical catalogue.