Anti-fraud Warning for our Clients

Posted In July 9, 2011

A WARNING to our local consumers: be aware of fraudulent vendors and contractors when buying glass & how to ensure that you’re buying the authentic Product.

Warning to owners of projects, consultants for projects and any consumers buying a piece of glass: BE AWARE of fraudulent vendors and contractors.

Fraudulent vendors cheat the consumer by selling inferior quality glass with the same prices as Dr. Greiche glass, hence making a higher profit margin while arguing that it is the same quality. Here are some of the tricks they use:

  1. They’ll say that Dr. Greiche glass has gone down in quality and market share.
    FACT: Please know that Dr. Greiche continues to grow with an annual turnover rate of 330,000,000 pieces of glass in 3 factories with plans for 7 factories to be running by 2013. See our current expansion activity.
  2. They’ll say that there are other new glass companies in Egypt (Japanese / Egyptian and American/ Egyptian companies) with better quality.
    FACT: It’s better to inquire about the proof of such existing companies in Egypt. Dr. Greiche remains the best in technology, quality and capacity by far.
  3. Having “Dr. Greiche” sign or logo on stores that are not Dr. Greiche‘s Property.
    FACT: Buy your Dr. Greiche glass from one of our distribution centers or branches around the country. Find the closest branch to you on our Local Branches map.
  4. Printing a fake “Dr. Greiche” badge, sticking fake “Dr. Greiche” logo badge sticker on low quality glass and selling it as if it was Dr. Greiche Glass.
    FACT: Please be informed that fake badges are not permanent, and can be erased if you apply thinner or benzene or any other solvents. Here is a photo of Dr. Greiche’s original Hologram signature:

    Hologram close-up

    This signature will read “Dr.Greiche” if you read it closely with a magnifying glass.You should find this signature ONLY on all the MOVABLE parts of a Dr. Greiche Facade (in case of architectural glass) and MOVABLE laminated windshields parts (in case of automotive glass).