Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be on the forefront of the global glass processing market by exceeding customer expectations and providing trust through safety, reliability and durability without compromising aesthetics.

Our position as leaders in the region and as pioneers in the Middle East and Africa lifts our vision to higher sights; building a name that is synonymous with exceeding international quality standards.

Through the efforts of our dedicated team, this vision has come to fruition in the region with aims at creating the same image for the Dr. Greiche brand throughout the world.


  1. Increasingly invading new markets around the world while continuously gaining our clients’ confidence and loyalty .
  2. Delivering high  quality products that comply with and exceeds international standards; supplying the glass industry with integrated solutions.
  3. Maximum flexibility in providing our services to meet the expectation of a fast changing world is our way of honoring our international customers.
  4. Believing that our employees are the corner stones of our success ; Dr. Greiche Management is committed to provide challenging working conditions to ALL Dr. Greiche’s personnel, so to achieve their maximum potential and growth.