Dr. Greiche Egypt is the leading glass processor in the Middle East and North Africa. Providing advanced & unique solutions in the Automotive, building, decorative, home appliance, lighting and security sectors, as well as providing Auto Glass Replacement Services.

Focusing on our exports, “Dr. Greiche” trademark has reached more than 40 countries around the globe.

Our “definition” of GLASS has changed from simply a see through, solid material to a high quality product that guarantees protection, thermal & acoustic insulation, solar control and energy conservation in a harmonious way with an aesthetical touch.

Dr. Greiche’s philosophy focuses on client’s satisfaction, and believes in the importance of after sales services and maintenance ,that leads to long lasting partnerships with our clients.

Our competitive abilities lies in our capability to recruit and process larger than normal glass dimensions. Our quality laboratories are applying the most up-to-date quality control tests and procedures to guaranties to our customers an impeccable product.

Today at it’s headquartered in 10th of Ramadan City in Egypt, Dr. Greiche employs approximately 1552 employees and is still expanding