1985: Dr. Magdy Greiche established Dr. Greiche Company in Egypt starting with an Auto Glass factory. In 2013, a new line was added to increase the production capacity of tempered Auto Glass by four times ,to keep up with the increasing demand of the customers.


1996: 10th of Ramadan Factory
Dr. Magdy Greiche

1996: 10th of Ramadan factory for Safety Glass was built, adding Architectural Glass production to Dr. Greiche range of product. It then upgraded its household appliances factory by adding the latest grinding machines, automatic drilling, and automatic printing line to maintain production at the highest quality levels of the company.


Mrs. Mona Greiche

2004: Mrs. Mona Greiche, following her late husband’s footsteps, put up the third factory for glass technology to produce giant pieces of bent glass, using state of the art technologies.


Factory built in 2009

2009: Following the path of specialization, Dr. Greiche’s fourth glass manufacturing facility was established, specialized in producing huge amount of Automotive glass using the latest engineering technologies in the world.
Dr.Greiche company increased the production capacity of both passengers cars and buses many times  by establishing a new factory with the latest technologies in the world to enhance the quantity and quality of production to penetrate global market.


Dr. Magdy Greiche

2013: New expansion have been made at mirror factory -Fifth Factory- and our production capability had been improved with huge capacity exceeding four times the previous capacity. Adding new dimension up to 3.21 M x 3.66 M from traditional and environment friendly copper/lead free mirror.

Dr. Magdy Greiche

2018: Dr. Greiche 5  was opened and  is specialized in producing all Automotive glass with big volume aiming to fulfill the growing demand for local market and exporting to all over the world, by doubling the current capacity with the latest international, European and Japanese technologies. And that is in line with the company’s vision.

2020 : We are continuously investing in state of the art technology from all over the globe and resourcing the knowhow from the industry’s cutting edge professionals. With continuous horizontal and vertical expansion, today we operate six manufacturing facilities when our 6th factory was opened in 2020 and is specialized in producing  all kind of Architectural glass.